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Button Art

I thought we’d try something different this month in the Residential Classes. Button art pictures are popular and it seemed a way for the residents to produce something they might see while shopping.

I would have like to provided box frames for the residents but the budget didn’t stretch that far. I did however frame my example pieces so that they could see how they would look.

Firstly I had to source my buttons. I originally got a kilo bag of mixed buttons as I wasn’t sure how many that would be. It was quite apparent that it wouldn’t go very far so I purchased a kilo for each class, knowing that any left over could be used for other things.

I selected a heavier paper than we normally use in class; it worked out but if we were to do it again I think card might be better. I then selected a fast-tack glue; I might use a glue gun if at home but it isn’t suitable for the class. The fast tack glue is thicker than standard PVA and holds the buttons in place without slippage.

And to round off this month’s gallery, one of the ladies brought some colouring in sheets, I gave her some fluorescent fine tipped marker pens that I keep in my bag for thee occasions. I think she did a rather good job.