May 2019

Cannot get over how this year is galloping along.

May started with me continuing pottering about with my WYS crocheted flowers. I’ve really enjoyed them as a side project and originally planed to split the completed flowers up to embellish a range of items, hats, scarves etc.

Since completing the range I’ve realised I want to try out a number of variations and that I want to see them all together. This means there’s nothing else for it apart from a blanket and it’s now upgraded to my main project.

I’ve already started on the the squares, I intend to use all nine of the flower colours I have and keep the greens for joining and borders. They will have 12 rounds which measures 9 inches as that comfortably frames the foxglove. I plan to do one each day while aiming for more if time allows.

Classes wise in May involved a full set of Beginners’ Crochet at the Wool Haven and Printing Tote Bags at the Residential Homes.

Also had a confidence boost as my Nessie sold; she took a lot of hours to complete and it’s nice to think someone appreciated her enough to buy her.