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Tote-bag printing 2019

Last year I did a set of leaf-printing sessions at the residential home craft classes. These provided a lot more popular than I expected, so I thought another go at printing could be good this year.

Obviously I didn’t want to do exactly the same plus I’m not one for pulling leaves off trees. I originally planned to try out the screen printing kit I’d been gifted but it didn’t take me long to realise that while they might find the process interesting it wouldn’t allow individual designs, without most of the session being taken up with cleaning.

I had some tote bags left over from last year, but not enough for all 6 groups so I sourced some smaller ones this time from The Clever Baggers. I thought this would give more choice to the residents. Again I had fabric paint from last year and also some acrylic if the residents wanted to print on paper rather than a bag.

Only thing left was to cut up some cardboard to making printing shapes. I made a selection of different sized triangles, squares, circles, strips, octagons as well as keeping some spare cardboard handy in case of special requests. I kept masking tape handy, it makes a quick handle which reduces the amount of paint I get on my hands.

I always do a sample piece to show residents and I thought this would be a good way to use up on of my less successful tie-dyed bags from the other weekend.

The project had a mixed response, I think they preferred using leaves which is something to bear in mind for next year. We did however still get a good range of results