April 2019

Delayed posts is what happens when I don’t keep my bullet journal up to date. ? Anyways here’s what I got up to in April…

The Easter holidays meant there was a longer than usual gap between crochet classes at the Wool Haven but they started back in the final week where as the residential craft classes worked round the holidays and I introduced a seasonal Easter Egg decoupage theme.

We started the month with a trip down to Troon and the Ayrshire Arts & Crafts Fair. Lots of very talented people there and I would recommend if your in the area on the first Saturday of the month.

My own crafting continued with a bit of final tweaking on the pompom rugs, and I can say it’s going to be a while before I do any more of those! I again have some pompoms left over since the tweak (I think they breed like Tribbles) so my daughter may end with a matching pompom cushion.

Next up was Dragon-scale wristwarmers. I have been wanting to try crocodile stitch for months, even had the yarn since before Christmas. I’d treated myself to a few balls of Scheepjes Wanderlust and I have to say it was a pleasure to use. In the end I made two variations, the one shown and one with a cuff.

We had good weather for a couple weekends in April so I used to opportunity (once the weeding was up to date) to do some outdoor crafting with my daughter.

First up was some tie-dying which was overall a positive experience. We’ve worked out which is our favourite “ties” and know to use more vivid colour mixes.

The next weekend involved hitting another one of the kits lurking in my craft cupboard, resin dipping. It’s fun and gives a quite effective end result. I think some of the residents in the residential homes would love it but unfortunately it is too fiddly for a lot of them