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Decoupage – Easter Eggs

I wanted to do something seasonal for this month’s residential craft class so decorating eggs seemed an obvious choice. Rather than painting them I thought decoupage would make a change. It proved quite popular the last time I did it in the residential homes

I had hoped to get a paper mache egg that split in two, it would make the actual project easier and mean the egg could double as a gift box but unfortunately I couldn’t find any in time. Instead I hit Hobbycraft and left with a bagful of eggs & bunnies

I did check unsuccessfully to see if there was any Easter theme decoupage paper, however I’ve spent the last year collecting paper from their clearance aisle so I had a good selection to offer the residents.

Next was to prepare some sample, had a friend stay over one evening and we got a bit carried not only making an example piece of each of the shapes but hitting my craft stash and decoupaging some wooden boxes and notebook.

I’ve since continued on my decoupage rampage and completed more books, a cat and 3 shoeboxes (for craft storage)

I took some of these into the craft classes to show the residents how decoupage can be used on different surfaces. I’ve planned another decoupage session later in the year when we’ll be decorating picture frames. This session is good practice for the next.