Fantasy Film (Resin dipping)

With the good weather continuing this Easter weekend, it gave us another chance for some outdoor crafting. I’ve had this kit since Christmas before last ? so I thought it was about time I had a crack at it.

It’s has an instruction booklet & DVD, 125ml each of the 4 colours of resin; Ice Blue, Golden Yellow, Ruby Red & Chartreuse, a selection of wires, a polystyrene block, some floral tape, glitter & stamen.

Must admit I didn’t watch the DVD as the instructions in the booklet were quite straightforward. All you need extra is some wire cutters, although I found having pliers also helped and of course some ability to shape wire.

The process itself is very simple. Shape the wire, dip it in the resin and allow it to dry, which happens quickly. My daughter kept trying to blow it like bubble mixture so ended up with saggy film rather than the everlasting bubble she was aiming for.

The film once dry is quite robust, for example the daffodil trumpet is formed flat and then shaped into a tube.

Petals are formed separately as are butterfly wings and then the wire is twisted together to make the final shape.

It’s a fun way to spend a few hours, and I think could make some nice faux stain glass pieces.