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Decorative Plant Pots

Painting plants pots has a mixed response on craft internet. The finished project can look great but it may not be the most long lasting of results. The nature of the clay is that it retains moisture which is good for plants but not for paint.

Despite this I still think it will make a change for the residents and more importantly should be fun. Painting jam jars for tea-light holders went down very well last year.

Obviously working on clay will be different to glass. Any mistakes on glass can be easily wiped off, unfortunately it was also easy to smudge a finished design. I imagined the pots being porous might cause any painting to bleed slightly but with care this should be workable.

I chose 9 cm diameter tomato pots from Weston Mill Pottery

It was a “marmite” project; those that liked it loved it and those that didn’t like the idea wouldn’t even try. On the whole there were more of the former than the latter within the 6 groups and the level of concentration showed from the residents that took part was probably the highest I’ve seen in the almost 2 years I’ve been doing this.