January / February 2019

I realised (about halfway through February) that one way to make sure I posted regularly would be to do a monthly update on projects. So following my tradition of good intentions not being followed through I’m starting with a 2 month post.


January started with a continuation of my Christmas Holiday flowers making using West Yorkshire Spinners Florist range. I love making these, they can be tricky at times but you get to use different techniques.

Still got a few more to do to collect the series and then I need to work out what I’m going to do with them. Broaches, headbands or embellishments on a blanket are just a few options.

The flowers were interspersed with finishing up some long overdue projects.

Firstly adding eyes to Baymax. He’d been waiting 5 months for me to do that!

Then a 3 part project of baby blanket with matching amigurumi elephant and a bobble hat was able to be finished and dispatched as the recipient had arrived safely. All that was needed to be done was to add his initials DMcC to the blanket. (Note to self, need to write a blog post for this.)

Next up was to continue practicing Tunisian crochet. I’d promised myself I would learn in 2018 and squeezed under the line finishing my first attempt on 31st December.

There will be more of these soon as we want to run an introductory class at the Wool Haven.

After this was a trio of hats. A friend had shown me a child’s hat and asked if I could make an adult sized one but in reds. I’m pleased to say they liked it so much I was then asked to make a matching one in a child’s size. As I still had some yarn left over I made a third

There wasn’t any Residential Home Classes in January as I had the lurgy and didn’t want to pass it on. It didn’t effect the Wool Haven Beginners Crochet Classes which restarted early in the month.


Completed the first & started the second Wool Haven Beginners class. This month I was able to run a Residential Home Craft Class where we used wooden beads to make bracelets and necklaces.

I was also able to rearrange my craft stash after gaining a storage unit from my daughter which reminded me I had to continue stash-busting my yarn. I completed 4 yellow & orange scarves for Masato Beanies #scarfathon which I added to one made last year and sent off to Oban Hope Kitchen.

I wanted something more stretching after the scarves so hit a Christmas present of Fantasy Amigurumi patterns to make Nessie.

Next up (and still ongoing) is a pompom rug for my daughter. I did a little in January but hit it for a week in February and got half of it done. Going to have a little break before doing more in March.

A regular part of going to the Wool Haven is that Frances tempts me with the new yarn as it comes in which leads to my continuous attempts to stashbust.

This month she had a sample of a new craft cotton to try out so I volunteered to have a play; it had an unusual texture but does make excellent bath scrunchies.

And finally, another overdue project. I’ve been intended to adjust the Amigurumi Sloth pattern to include pipecleaner reinforced arms to see if we can get them to hold on.

First attempt worked quite well but still needs some tweaking (more pipecleaners)