Beading 2019

This is the third time we’ve worked with beads in the residential homes and it usually proves popular.

Over the years I’ve got closer to identifying what makes a good bead for the residents to work with. At least I’ve been able to cross some options out.

  • Plastic beads are a definite no. They don’t like anything that appears childish
  • Glass beads are problematic. The residents like the feel of the beads but as they are usually coated there are issues with the holes being blocked
  • Metal & stone beads would be suitable but unfortunately are too expensive to be able to provide enough for all groups.
  • Wooden beads are light, can come in a range of colours and the holes are easy to clear.
  • Cording – black elastic is best. It is more viable to the residents for threading and being elastic means that fitting are not required.

This year I sourced my beads from The Bead Shop, I raided their sale section to get Philippine Wood beads in a range of pinks, purples and silver. The center holes are between 2 & 4 mm which will go well with the 1 mm cord I have left from last year.

Their blurb also mentioned the Surgeon’s knot as being suitable for learners to jewellery-making. I did a quick search on google and found this video which I found to be clear.