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Art Space G41 Christmas Fayre

Another overdue blog post ? and no excuse really as it’s only going to be a short one.

Early October I saw a shout out from Art Space G41 for artists and crafters to take part in their first Christmas Fayre.

I’d set myself the target of taking part in one before year end and this seemed ideal as it’s a location I’m comfortable with. Despite the familiar setting I knew I would still be nervous about taking part. I can sell other people’s work but I find it really hard pushing my own.

Luckily I am friends with 2 good artists, Scribble Wolf and Patt. They have different styles of work and I thought having a few items of their work on my table would break up the sea of yarn.

I spent the run up to the fayre frantically making more items and labeling everything!

I also took note of other crafters’ advice on Twitter on how to prepare for a stall, in particular Sarah Skilton‘s 10 Top Tips for Selling at Craft Fairs. I took my float in a wearable bag, a stock list so I could tick off any sales, plenty of business cards, nice tissue paper to wrap products in, some crocheting to do, snacks and a drink.

The day arrived and I think we were all a little nervous, but there were some really lovely pieces for sale. Customers arrived at a steady rate and being able to talk about the art work on my stall made selling my own work easier.

There was a good range of stalls and some lovely ladies there and I can’t do this post without passing on their details:

The day went really quickly and I did better than I ever expected. I’ll still be nervous when I do my next one but I won’t let nerves put me off.