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Christmas Tree Decorations

The December residential home craft sessions were to make Christmas Tree Decorations.

I set up 3 simple projects for them to try out; mini wreaths, paper baubles and jar lid pictures.


I’d planned to do this last December with the residents but had to cancel the classes due to ill-health so I’ve been waiting a year to see how well these would be received.

They are really quick & simple to make.

All you need are wooden curtain rings preferably with eyelets, ribbon, glue and some embellishments, such as sequins or glitter glue.

Wrap the ribbon around the curtain ring securing both ends with glue. PVA dries clear so it’s okay if you get a little messy.

Finally attach a hanging loop to the eyelet and decorate with sequins or glitter.

Paper Baubles

The next project is making paper baubles. This is a great way to use up leftover paper from making Christmas Cards

My first attempts started with a selection of craft papers, cut into strips 1 x 13 cm.

I then doubled and knotted over a length of embroidery silk to make a hanging loop and threaded on 12 strips about 1 cm from the end. I used a small bead between the knot & paper to stop the paper slipping over the knot.

I then repeated the process at the other side , adding another bead and adding a couple of short lengths of silk to make a tassel

From making this prototype I found a couple of issues; firstly I wasn’t sure that many residents would be able to thread the needle through the paper easily and secondarily the bauble had a tendency to collapse in on itself.

The first problem was easily solved, I made the strips 1.5 cm wide and then used a hole punch to make a hole at each end and replaced the embroidery silk with ribbon. Making knots in ribbon also means I don’t need beads.

To stop the finished bauble collapsing I reversed the order I threaded the second end which gives a shell like shape.

Jar lid pictures

In October we decorated jam jars to make tealight holders which meant I had a supply of lids left over. I don’t like things going to waste so I spent the last few months working out how I could use them.

In the meantime a friend was making coasters by painting ceramic tiles using Pebeo mixed-media paints. They looked really fun to use and I thought it would make a change for the residents.

I had a little play at home with some, even trying some relief paint to outline the Christmas Tree .

I was quite happy with these for a first attempt.

Further preparation for the classes involved putting a base layer of paint in each lid to cover the seal and level out the surface and then using a hot glue gun to attach a hanging ribbon loop on the back.


The residents liked the different projects. The paint in jar lids was really popular and we worked out we could draw with glitter glue in the jar lids