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Jam jar tea lights

October’s residential homes project was to decorate jam jars to make tea light holders.

I got the idea from my time helping out the local Woodcraft Folk group. They take part in a lantern parade around  Halloween and the group always enjoyed making spooky lanterns from various sized jars.

Rather than making larger lanterns with carrying handles and naked flames I thought it better to downsize to tea light holders and use LED lights. I’d used some last year with my decoupage Halloween pumpkin and was impressed at the effect.

When originally planning this project I thought I might have an issue sourcing enough jars whilst staying within budget. Luckily a friend (who adores peanut butter) came to the rescue and has spent 6 months carefully saving and washing every jar he emptied. Hi heroic efforts got me a good way towards the amount I needed.

One thing I have learnt this year is not to solely rely on local shops or Amazon to supply my crafts supplies. I may be a small buyer but bulk sellers will often do small enough quantities to meet my requirements at a lot better price.  With this in mind I googled “jam jars bulk” and with only a little bit of comparison work settled on

The unusual shape gives the jar a longer gentler curve on which to paint. 

Next up preparing some example pieces to show the residents. I used acrylic paint rather than glass paint. It gives a good enough cover and is more cost effective for our skill level.

Now I was all ready  it was time to go to the classes.