Leaf printing

When I set up the class schedule in January I wasn’t sure what Autumn Crafts was going to be.  It had to be something that could be enjoyable for people with a range of abilities and if possible have a practical / useful end product as many of the residents prefer that.

So I had a think about what Autumn meant to me (apart from Halloween and comfort food)

The answer is leaves.

I love leaves. The colours, the shapes.

That’s what I wanted to bring to the craft classes. I wanted to capture them but not by pressing them I needed a quicker process. So printing with them seemed the obvious alternative. Rather than simply printing on paper I thought it might be interesting to decorate print onto tote bags.

I sourced some natural cotton bags from and a mixed box of fabric paint from Castle Art Supplies


Next was the leaf collection. Luckily I have a great little park nearby which I raided fallen leaves, pine cones, acorns etc.

Then on to the fun part.