Felt drawer sachets


This month’s residential home classes was originally titled Sewing Felt Animals.

As usual I had a pre-class preparation session, during which I  sewed a simple teddy bear and my friend made a cow. (I look at her designs and think she’s the one who should be running these classes)

We found that we both took longer to complete our work than the hour the class lasts.

So I needed to do something that would be quicker to complete but still use the same materials and techniques, so that the residents would be able to expand what we did in the session in their own time.

I considered doing something similar to the Egg Cosies we made at Easter, but being aware how many of the residents want to make something practical I decided to adapt it to make scented drawer sachets. These simple stuffed shapes can be decorated in a range of ways and have hanging loops added so they can also be hung in wardrobes

I provided a selection of pre-cut shapes; hearts, flowers, leaves, to get the residents started and explained that the advantage of felt meant that you could cut out any shape you can think of.

The sachets can be made solely with felt and stuffing but I also supplied some ribbons and buttons to add variation.