Tropical paper flowers

July’s residential classes were programmed for Tropical paper flowers. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about doing paper flowers as it had a mixed reception last year. However that had only been my second set of classes at the residential homes and the residents were still a bit reticent.

I found the technique on the Crafts by Amanda site and thought how effective it looked. I didn’t use her templates but instead hand drew something similar. 20180719_141320

The residents are very aware of things they class as being for children so I didn’t include the pony beads for the stamen but instead simply twisted the end on the yellow pipe cleaners. I also used longer lengths folded into a V shape.

I am delighted to say that despite my concerns this project went down really well and that the level of active uptake was second only to the decoupage in May.


To add some variation I also showed the groups how to make roses using 3 squares of origami paper.  I still have mine left from last year.

I can’t remember the original site I got the technique from but Capitol Romance have something similar