Jewellery making class

Last year I took glass beads into the residential homes and for some reason didn’t blog it, so I’ve put the pictures from those classes at the bottom of this post.

The residents liked using the beads but some had difficulty threading them this was in part due to the bead hole size but was exasperated by the paint on the beads blocking the hole. So this year I thought I would try a different material, namely wooden.

There are a lot of wooden beads out there, I needed to find enough to supply 5 classes within budget, they mustn’t look “childish” but must have big enough holes AND be in a variety of colours/patterns

I started at Beads Unlimited with some 16mm stripy beads in  pink, purple & grey based stripes.


Next stop on Etsy, where I found Knotty Essentials for some 12 mm beads in dark brown and burly wood. I have to say I found their customer service excellent.


Finally onto Amazon, where I found a mixed bag of various sized printed beads,  unfortunately there were a high proportion of the smaller beads so I separated out the larger ones for the class.


Prior to the class I had a fun afternoon with a friend making up some sample bracelets


And then it was on to the classes. The residents in general found these easier to work with than although I think they preferred the range of colours in the glass beads.



2017 – glass bead work