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Easter cosies


I have to confess when I was setting out the program for this year’s residential craft classes in January I did a quick fudge for March and put down Easter Crafts. So it comes to February and I have to start planning what that entails….

One group suggested we decorate plant pots but I had to rule that out as painted ceramics require baking to set the paint. I will however keep it ticking over in the back of my mind in case I can think of another way to approach it.

So I needed something that is Spring/Easter themed. I started thinking lambs/rabbits/chicks/eggs and then it hit me. Egg cup cosies!

I decided to do the work in felt. It’s still a relativity new material for the residents to use  and I wanted to show its versatility. The first time we used it was last year when we made felt bows and flowers. That work was mainly done with glue with a bit of sewing, this project will be best done by sewing but using glue is an alternative for those who might struggle.


So a quick trip to Hobbycraft to get supplies for 5 sessions;

  • felt in white, cream, yellow, pink & black
  • embroidery cotton in white, cream & yellow
  • crewel needles – large eyes but with more of a point than tapestry needles
  •  fast tack fabric glue.

I also raided my own stash for additional bits of felt, embroidery cotton and googly eyes.


I roped in an arty friend to help me design the sample pieces for the classes. Our original designs were a bit wide as we didn’t have any eggs or egg cups handy but I adapted the basic shape down to size before the classes.

In order to speed up the classes I pre-cut some of the basic shapes. In order to reduce waste the off cuts from the yellow was saved to make wings and from the white to make eyes.

So all prepared I went off to class and here are some of the cosies we made.