Collage work

The residential homes’ Art & Craft classes at this month is collage work.

This is a more Arts than Crafts than I usually do so I’m a little out of my comfort zone. The only time I’ve ever drawn anything recognisable was under the tuition of my predecessor running these classes. Now she’s a great art teacher.

However I’m compensating by being prepared. I want to supply the residents with a wide range of colours, patterns and textures for them to try out.

First of all I raided my craft stash (which reduces the risk of a cupboard avalanche) this produced a satisfactory amount of paper – craft, crepe & tissue, felt, foam, ribbons, lace & washi tape.


It’s a good start but I wanted a greater range of colours and patterns.  So off to Hobbycraft where I got some more washi tape and craft papers.



The felt, crepe paper, ribbons I will used as required but the craft paper will be split between the 5 classes, it makes sure they each get a good selection for the session and any work they do on their own afterwards (and saves me carrying it all)

The final stage of preparation is getting a few sample pieces made. Luckily I have an assistant (my daughter) who can help me with this. She’s a lot more arty than I am and I have to admit I find it interesting to see what she comes up with.

Pictures from the 5 classes: