Bit of fundraising

This month I started running craft sessions at number of local care homes as a result I have 9 example pieces left over. So that I don’t end up over run with these every month, I’ve decided to sell them to raise money for the Masato Beanies homeless fund.

For each one sold I will donate £1 to the fund and if I clear all 9 will round it up to £10.


Each bow and flower has a brooch clip attached and the price includes UK 2nd class posting.

Items are between 3 – 4 inches diameter

  1. Green bow – sold
  2. Black bow – sold
  3. Blue bow – sold
  4. Blue flower – sold
  5. Green net flower – sold
  6. Pink & black flower – sold
  7. Red net flower – sold
  8. Pink flower – sold
  9. Green & purple flower – sold

To order message me on Facebook / Twitter or email at