Chat,  Crochet


Last Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day (us crafters do like our acronyms)  so I tootled down to Dalgarven Mill in Kilwinning to catch up with some very lovely ladies I haven’t seen in far too long. (It meant I missed the Wool Haven’s first birthday and their WWKIP event – so it would be appreciated if someone could invent either a time machine or cloning device)

The bit of Dalgarven Mill I saw looked interesting, especially if you are into textiles and I will be making a return trip if only for their cafe. Delicious and very good value for money – the slices of cake are HUGE!

Anyway it wasn’t all cake and chat – I got some crochet done too.

unnamed (1)

Two 6 inch squares using the basic granny square pattern which will go to Woolly Hugs using left over Stylecraft from their Manchester project.

And a scarf with James C Brett Marble Chunky for Masato‘s #Scarfathon. This will be going to Oban Hope Kitchen.

The scarf was 20 stitches wide, mainly worked in half trebles but with 2 rows double crochet at each end. It’s not a full ball so only measures 23 cm / 9 inches by 98 cm / 38 inches long.