Ancient Skills Day


Had a fabulous time with my daughter yesterday at the Langside Community Heritage Day at Finn’s Place.

Unfortunately the rain put a stop to some of the activities, but we got to dip rush lights, grind flour with granite millstone similar to the one below – cannot imagine how much hard work it must be to grind enough to make a bannock let alone a loaf.

Ancient grain hand grinding millstones

Obviously I made a bee-line to the spinners, my daughter had a lot of fun combing fleece  on a drum carder. Which is so much easier than the usual 2 boards.

I am so tempted to take up hand spinning with a drop spindle, but I have to accept I have enough projects on the go at the minute.

The demonstrator showed me how to start off, and I was impressed at how just fine a thread she could produce. Not surprising really as it was Shetland wool and the yarn could be used for their famous lace shawls.

There were a couple of fantastic looms on display, smaller Inkle looms suitable for straps, belts etc. all the way up to a hand built Viking style warp weighted loom.


What else? Some felting and soap making,which reminds me that they are both on the to-do list at home.

It was a great way to spend a few hours and I hope they do something similar again.